One of my all time favorite TV series ever is without a doubt Twin Peaks. There is just something about the dreamy world of Twin Peaks and it’s characters. Not […]

Easter came and went and I had lots of chocolate, pasha and red wine! As usual I did not really decorate at home other than with last-minute flowers. And pussy […]

Every now and then I put together some quick and healthy ice cream as dessert for the kids (not to forget myself) that you basically can put together with two […]

I have this silly thing that I every now and then want to go for some sort of team outfits for me and Dag. As matching dresses are kind of […]

Last weekend I was in a sunny Hamburg partly trying to dissolve into the environment.(I was also in a very rainy Hamburg during the same weekend. But back to that […]

This year I left out on all of the Valborg- and First of May celebrations and partying. For the first time in my life actually; I have been out in […]

I have a plant at home that has been with me since my first ever own flat. If you think about it, it’s kind of funny that plants can get […]

Chia chocolate pudding. The kind of dish (or even, perhaps, treat?) that I am not really sure if it’s just kind of edible or actually good. I’ve made a few […]

Whenever I have a bad hair day or my fringe just is not up for it (which I guess counts as a bad hair day too) I most often cover […]